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About Us

Who are we

Gaming-League.net was created to give tactical communities a place to compete with like-minded competitive eSports gamers. The community is compromised of gaming clans, communities and eSport figures that enjoy the hard fought matches that occur against other well prepared teams and players.

The community is focused on delivering the best possible competition against teams focused on teamwork and communication.

What can you expect

At Gaming-League.net you can expect to have focused customer support. We are gamers just like you and understand how frustrating it can be when support staff don’t help with an issue and most of the time, they only make it worse when they get involved. Our goal is to be part of the process and make the decision as smooth as possible as quickly as possible.

The individuals and communities that are located on the site have been either invited or approved by our staff to compete here. We want quality competitions. We don’t want a large site with loads of gamers that are inactive and don’t have the same mindset that you do.

Why should you compete here

If you are looking for like-minded communities or gamers to compete against, then this is the place for you. We challenge you to continue competing at other eSports locations as it only grows your abilities and makes the competition that more fierce.

At this point, if you are interested in competing here as an individual or as part of a team, then simply sign up. We will review your request and approve the individuals and communities that match our ethos the best. No matter how long you have competed, you are guaranteed to find plenty of challenges here.

Current Tournaments

  • TDM Ladder


    Tournament Begins: 13/07/2018, 21:00

    Tournament Type: Ladder

    Maximum Participants: 10 teams

    Current Participants: 2 teams

    Prize: Empty

  • Prominence Poker XB1 Ring Game Ladder


    Tournament Begins: 15/06/2018, 00:20

    Tournament Type: Ladder

    Maximum Participants: 20 users

    Current Participants: 1 user

Upcoming Tournaments

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