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10/11/2017 8:04 pm is all about bringing together like-minded gamers in a quest to compete and win.  Below are general rules that are in place during your visit at  Failure to follow these simple rules may cause an admin or moderator to remove you from the community.

Rule #1:  The forums is not a place to use offensive, demeaning, vulgar, or sexually explicit language or material.

Rule #2:  The website is a no racial or gender slur zone. 

Rule #3:  The website has no aspirations of running for a political office seat, so keep political thoughts off the website.

Rule #4:  Don't incite hate or be a troll inside of the community. 

Rule #5:  Don't advertise or spam information on the website.  If you have something that you believe may be an advertisement, let the staff know before you post it up.

Rule #6:  We are not a clan rating website, so don't bad mouth or create issues with players, teams or clans.  If you have an issue with a player, team or clan simply contact us.

Rule #7:  Don't hack accounts, share the newest hack inside a game, perform phishing tactics in the forums or utilize something in a game that gives you a competitive advantage that the developers did not put in on purpose.

For a list of our competitive rules, visit THIS LINK:


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