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Ladder Name:
Year 2 Season 4 Ladder R6S
Rainbow Six Siege Season 4 Year 2 Ladder. Squads will face each other off to compete and see who is the best. Intro Ladder When Ladder size gets big enough prize pools can be made.
Map Selection: Bank, Oregon, Kafe Dostoyevsky, Theme Park, Coastline, Boarder, Skyscraper, Chalet, Consulate and Club House Match Settings: Number of Rounds: 9 Attack/ Defender Role Swap: 1 Overtime Rounds: 5 Overtime Score Difference: 1 Overtime role change: 1 Objective Rotation Parameter: 2 Attacker Unique Spawn: On Death Reply: Off Game Mode: Bomb HUD Settings: Pro League No Cheating or false reporting, please take Screenshot or photo of results and post in the discord chat.