imgPUBG Kill Based Ladder

This is a team oriented kill based ladder meaning that as a team of 2-4 individuals, games are played as they would be normally with all kills for the team being tallied together at the end of each match to determine placement on the ladder.
No more then 3 games a day can be played towards this end, at the end of the 3 games the teams must wait till the next day to repeat the process over again. 
This ladder is open to all platforms (Xbox One, PC, Mobile).

Started on
25/08/2018 12:00


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Tournament details

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    PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds
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    Best of 1


All Rules and Regulations of the Gaming League are to be followed at all times
No Team Killing
No Profanity
Screenshots of final game scores should be posted to ensure accurate score keeping
Number of kills per member of the team are added together for the final team score

Tournament brackets